Fruits are good for health. They are healthy, tasty and have various benefits to the human body. Fruits are low on calories and can be consumed at any time or whenever hungry. Fruits are also high in water content hence it is a good source of hydration as well. Fruits have several good effects on our body, one of which is enhancing the libido. Libido is the drive or desire for sexual intercourse. Fruits help in enhancing this feeling in men and women which leads to a better sexual life between the partners. There are different kinds of fruits available in the market that you may try to aid to increase sex drive in you and fight impotence. Most fruits that help in enhancing the libido are high in certain vitamin content that elevate the hormone levels, increase the oxide levels and up your testosterone which leads to increased libido. Fruits good for the libido are:


This is a very popular fruit for increasing the sex drive in men and women. This fruit has other benefits too like lowering the blood pressure and reducing risks of heart related ailments. Drinking pomegranate juice increases the sex drive to a great extent. Couple who drank pomegranate juice showed elevated levels of sexual interest than couples who did not take this drink. The juice of the pomegranate is more potent than the fruit itself, due to its effect on blood flow which enhances the libido in people.


Avocados are great for the sex drive. Avocados are not popular fruits so are often ignored. This fruit contains high levels of folic acid that helps in metabolizing proteins to give you a boost in energy. Avocados also contain high levels of the vitamin B6 that helps in fighting stress and enhances the energy levels in the body. This benefits the libido levels due to the high potassium content.